The Master Suite is located on the main level, just forward of the salon. This photo is looking aft from the queen size bed.  It shows the two over head hatches that let the breezes flow in. Each hatch has a recessed sliding screen to keep the bugs out and also a sliding shade that keeps all the light out.  The large fixed window facing forward can be seen in the mirror on the wall.  It floods the room with natural light and also has a shade to keep the light out if desired.    


In addition to the queen size bed, the master suite has a hanging closet, chest of drawers and shelves for books, videos, and even a space already wired for an optional bedroom TV/DVD.  Shown above, the "feet first" style has your feet against the forward bulkhead with pillows at the headboard. With the bed made up this way, you have standing headroom at the head of the bed. Show below is the "head first" style with night stands at the head of the bed. It's just personal preference, so make the bed any way you like.

In the photo above, on the right you'll see the access to the master suite's head, shower and dressing room.
Below, three steps down and the head and shower are to the left (forward), the dressing room is to the right (aft).



Photo on the left is the standard master suite dressing area. On the right, this same area is also used as an office. The "back-to-back" head and dressing area in the same hull is our most popular layout. Below is another popular style, the "beam to beam" master suite. To starboard is the head and shower, just as before, but the dressing and laundry room is moved to the port hull. Access to that area is down three steps, as shown in the photos below.



The Guest Staterooms

T44/E44intcc.JPG (15334 bytes)       E44intea.JPG (19228 bytes) 

There are identical guest staterooms fit for a queen located aft in each hull. Each stateroom has a queen size bed, a dressing area and a hanging closet with drawers beneath.  There is plenty of room for everything to have its place.  If you don't want to run the central air conditioning, opening ports with screens will let the breezes flow through. Every stateroom has 12 volt fans that keep the air moving even when the air outside is still.  There are also 12 volt reading lights in addition to the overhead light. With the three staterooms in opposite corners of the boat, you have the utmost privacy for yourself and for your guests.