Endeavour TrawlerCat 38 cruising along at 16 knots

The Endeavour TrawlerCat 38 is powered by twin 315 hp Yanmar turbo diesels. These silky smooth engines move this trawler along at over 16 knots. Economical cruising speed is about 7 to 8 knots. At this speed, the total fuel consumption  for both engines is 3 gallons per hour or less.  If time or weather requires that you move more quickly, you can cruise comfortably at 15 knots and burn 14 gallons per hour.

The engines are located under the bunks in the aft staterooms.  Access for service is excellent.  In addition to the door in front of the engine, the whole top of the engine compartment lifts off and there is actually enough room to stand in the engine compartment while you're servicing them.  As you can see in the picture, the engine strainer and air conditioning strainer are conveniently located in their own well right there at the front of the engine. Easy to get at, easy to service.

Many Endeavour TrawlerCat owners do most of their own maintenance. Like our owners, we like to go boating, not do maintenance, so we do all we can to make servicing our boats as quick and easy as possible. Things like locating all filters and strainers in convenient, easy to get at places, making sure that engine access is as good as is physically possible to achieve. And we include electric oil pump outs for both engines and generator, making oil changes quicker and much less messy.