The company produces a high quality product and certainly stands behind that product in every respect.  My dealings with Endeavour people have always resulted in complete satisfaction.

Fred Glass
Endeavour Sport 36

We happened to meet two boat owners and were able to have some quiet conversations alone just with them.  Both of the owners were absolutely thrilled not only with their boats but also with the excellent treatment the people at Endeavour were providing.

Brian Knesal

All that I can say in 19 months of ownership of this boat is that they are absolutely terrific and responsive to your needs. You could not ask for a better company to work with and they will  do what ever it takes to help.

Bob Levine
Sandpiper, TrawlerCat 44

We sure grew to love the Endeavour Catamaran team.  It is their “Can Do” approach that makes Endeavour Catamaran Corporation a great success.

Again, Alice, Bob, Rob, Mike, and Marsha Jo, thanks Endeavour Team for a JOB WELL DONE.

Charlie & Joni Molyneaux
Miss Grace, EndeavourCat 36 Sail

Hi to all from very happy new owners.  We  have not had any problems and support from you all has been great.  We thank you all for a great boat.

Dan and Madelyn Hajjar
Dream Away, TrawlerCat 44

Our congratulations and thanks to the EndeavourCat design and construction team for a "job well done"!

Bill & Cathy Cresswell
Catalyst, EndeavourCat 34 Sail

The Endeavour company is unique because it does serve the customer.  Everyone has gone out of their way to make this a pleasant boat owner experience.  A special thanks to Mike and Rob who spent many hours with us.  God bless them and their patience.

Judie & Allen
Palaestra II, EndeavourCat 36 Sail

Just checked your web page and saw the notice regarding the new 40.  Rob, I recall you mentioning when we saw you at the 2007 Miami Boat Show that you might do a "40" version of the "48" at some point. Didn't expect to see it so soon. But, it is a great looking boat and I look forward to seeing the specs and articles as you move forward.

Annette and I are still on plan for retirement in a few years with another Endeavour trawler. So we visit your website fairly often. Hope to attend the 2009 Miami Show and see you then.

Again---great job on the "40." As we said in Miami--"Endeavour always gets it right!" (At least for us.)

Norm and Annette
(Former owners of "Forever Young")