We happened to meet two boat owners and were able to have some quiet conversations alone just with them.  Both of the owners were absolutely thrilled not only with their boats but also with the excellent treatment the people at Endeavour were providing.

Brian Knesal

For your info - We have been living aboard Ody Sea for almost two years now and my GPS "odometer" registers very close to 10,000 nautical miles and we have nearly 1,000 hours on the Yanmars. This is a GREAT BOAT!! We love it now as much (if not more) than when she was brand new. 

We've been up and down the east coast, the Gulf coast and across Florida.  We've been through the Keys, across the Gulf Stream and through the Abacos. We've been all around the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. We've anchored, swung on moorings and tied up at marinas. We've run aground, navigated the entire New Jersey coast by radar in dense fog, pounded through seven footers in the Chesapeake and bigger ones in the Gulf Stream and been boarded by the Coast Guard twice. We've handled the busy places like Norfolk and New York and enjoyed the quiet of uninhabited islands. We've had the heavy rain storms and stayed dry, cold weather and stayed warm, hot weather and stayed cool, thunder and lightning and stayed safe.

This is a rather verbose way of saying that you made us a very nice boat that has been a very comfortable home for us for the past two years  -  and we thank you for it.

Ron, Judy & Skipper
OdySea, TrawlerCat 44

Upon arriving in Florida to take delivery of our EndeavourCat 36, Alice Vincent arrived with a basket full of goodies.  From that point till we departed the marina a month later, my wife, Joni, and I would say over and over that if it came about that we were not to love the EndeavourCat 36, we sure grew to love the Endeavour Catamaran team.

It turns out, we have loved everything about the EndeavourCat 36, and even more, the people who are with the company.  It is their “Can Do” approach that makes Endeavour Catamaran Corporation a great success.

Again, Alice, Bob, Rob, Mike, and Marsha Jo, thanks Endeavour Team for a JOB WELL DONE.

Charlie & Joni Molyneaux
Miss Grace, EndeavourCat 36 Sail

Hi to all from very happy new owners.  We wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the Endeavour crew.  The more we get to know our boat the more we appreciate it.  All the components are first class and all are put together properly. We  have not had any problems and support from you all has been great.  Our many boating friends are amazed at the room and the thoughtful design and execution of the many systems.  We are looking forward to some great cruising. We thank you all for a great boat.

Dan and Madelyn Hajjar
Dream Away, TrawlerCat 44

Since Catalyst was delivered to us at the Annapolis Boat Show in October, we barely got to sail her before we had to begin the winterization process.  As veterans of boat maintenance wars on some new and not so new boats, we were conditioned to expect inaccessibility and non-user friendly maintenance.  However, three trips to your Clearwater plant taught us that quality was a priority at EndeavourCat. 

This became even more apparent as we explored Catalyst's nooks and crannies and saw first hand the experience and genuine craftsmanship that went into the design and construction of our EndeavourCat.  Fit and finish is excellent, even in the "out of sight" places.  Winterization was actually a non-event.  Everything we needed to winterize was easily accessible and clearly labeled. In addition, Mike Kiehl readily answered any questions we had. He even made us up a by-pass arrangement to simplify winterization of the hot water heater.

The Endeavour installed components on Catalyst are consistently of the highest quality and are among the best of breed according to Practical Sailor reports. The installations were all professionally done with identifying labels on electrical and plumbing items. We look forward to many years of sailing enjoyment and manageable (thank God!) maintenance.

Our congratulations and thanks to the EndeavourCat design and construction team for a "job well done"!

Bill & Cathy Cresswell
Catalyst, EndeavourCat 36 Sail

We thank each and every one of you who had any envolvement in building our EndeavourCat 36, Palaestra II.  It is a beautiful sailing vessel and we are very proud of her.  The Endeavour company is unique because it does serve the customer.  Everyone has gone out of their way to make this a pleasant boat owner experience.  A special thanks to Mike and Rob who spent many hours with us.  God bless them and their patience.

Judie & Allen
Palaestra II, EndeavourCat 36 Sail

My wife Lisa and I took delivery of our EndeavourCat 30 (Hull #32), "Catawampus" four years ago.  Cruising mostly long weekends on the Chesapeake Bay from our home near Annapolis, we recently enjoyed our 100th night onboard "Catawampus".  There have been so many wonderful experiences. . . .Thanks Endeavour.

Dean Hoover
Catawampus, EndeavourCat 30 Sail

The EndeavourCat is clearly the way to go.  The layout and construction provides a high degree of privacy - important considering that we had three couples on a two week sail.  I don't snore personally, but I know some folks that do.  The double wall bulkheads with honeycomb core are virtually soundproof.  And anything short of target practice with a .44 magnum never leaves the cabin.

With the twin hulls and spacious connector, the only space that doubles as a passageway is the galley. All three couples had their own cabin with ample private storage and a double bed - and no one walking through in the middle of the night on the way to the head. The layout makes excellent use of the available space while providing unrestricted movement both inside and outside the cabin. It certainly seems to offer the space of a mono hull boat 50% longer.

One of the things that never was fun was getting seasick. The mono hull boats we used to sail on had the characteristic round hulls which are necessary to reduce drag but roll a lot. I am convinced that the rolling is what causes seasickness. I committed more than a few meals to the deep doing research on this one. The wide stance of the catamaran significantly reduces rolling - so much so that I have never had a twinge of seasickness on a catamaran even in rough seas. This added stability makes the difference between a very enjoyable sailing experience and a miserable one.

An unexpected bridge closing (actually a failure to open) caused us to backtrack and sail up through the Florida Bay on a very dark overcast night. Visibility was nil. The water was shallow. The channels through the shoals are narrow and hard to find in the dark. This required navigating to plus or minus 30 feet over a 10 mile run which is a navigational error of less than one tenth of a degree. The wind and tide induced drift were substantial. I have tried this with dead reckoning and it is tough in daylight - not possible, for me at least, at night. The penalty for not getting it right is to become a permanent addition to the shoal. And we constantly needed to maneuver to miss the many lobster pots in the bay. Not possible without help.

Help was in the form of the GPS, autopilot, depth gauge, and radar. We punched the coordinates of the next channel into the GPS, set the autopilot to track that course, and use the depth gauge and radar to watch for shallows, obstacles and markers. The GPS kept up with our meandering around the lobster pots. We were able to hit our markers dead on the money every time in pitch black darkness. Amazing. It was actually an exciting and challenging evening.

All in all, a wonderful vacation with wonderful folks in a truly fine boat.  Thanks again for everything.

Pat and Mike Stenhouse
Guests aboard Isis, EndeavourCat 36