TrawlerCat 44, "Ody Sea"

        For your info - We have been living aboard Ody Sea for almost two years now and my GPS "odometer" registers very close to 10,000 nautical miles and we have nearly 1,000 hours on the Yanmars. This is a GREAT BOAT!! We love it now as much (if not more) than when she was brand new. 

        We've been up and down the east coast, the Gulf coast and across Florida.  We've been through the Keys, across the Gulf Stream and through the Abacos. We've been all around the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. We've anchored, swung on moorings and tied up at marinas. We've run aground, navigated the entire New Jersey coast by radar in dense fog, pounded through seven footers in the Chesapeake and bigger ones in the Gulf Stream and been boarded by the Coast Guard twice. We've handled the busy places like Norfolk and New York and enjoyed the quiet of uninhabited islands. We've had the heavy rain storms and stayed dry, cold weather and stayed warm, hot weather and stayed cool, thunder and lightning and stayed safe.

        This is a rather verbose way of saying that you made us a very nice boat that has been a very comfortable home for us for the past two years  -  and we thank you for it.

        Ron, Judy & Skipper