"Miss Grace"    

Dear Endeavour Team,

Upon arriving in Florida to take delivery of our EndeavourCat 36 we experienced a rain storm and had just started unloading our equipment from our rental truck to “Miss Grace” at the Vinoy Marina in St. Petersburg, FL, when Alice Vincent arrived with a basket full of goodies. From that point till we departed the marina a month later, my wife, Joni, and I would say over and over that if it came about that we were not to love the EndeavourCat 36, we sure grew to love the Endeavour Catamaran team. It turns out, we have loved everything about the EndeavourCat 36, and even more, the people who are with the company.

As with anything you ever buy, you want the very best, with the money you pay for a product. The best thing about the EndeavourCat 36 is any problems can be quickly resolved and in some cases made better. It is this “Can Do” approach that makes Endeavour Catamaran Corporation a great success.

With all this said, we departed the cocoon of the Vinoy Marina for the east coast of Florida via the Florida West Coast and the Okeechobee Waterway to Stuart, FL and then north along the ICW.

It just so happened that we were passing through Titusville, FL the day before Senator John Glenn was to blast off into space.

This was one of our highlights of the year.

We then continue our cruise to the Charleston, SC area where we spent two months exploring the upper reaches of the Cooper River, inland to 40 miles. You might say that with the six foot tides in the South Carolina waterways, the EndeavourCat 36 was able to go where no monohull has ever gone before.

“Miss Grace” got underway from Charleston, SC enroute to Annapolis, MD.  At the Elizabeth City, NC and the Dismal Swamp Visitor Center, we were greeted at the dock by peacocks. On our cruise north we stopped in Norfolk, VA to repair our dingy bar lift. We had to replace it with the “Marshall Kaufman” Special. The previous bar broke and was replaced with PVC pipe purchased from an ACE hardware store while we were in Elizabeth City, NC.

On March 21, 1999 while heading north up Alligator River running with 30 knots of following winds, we anchored for the night behind a small island in mild winds. At 0100 on the morning of March 22 the winds shifted 180 degrees. We were unable to see in the pitch black of the night. With the anchor dragging in the 50-70 knot winds, we slowly beached upright on the shores of the island. We figured that the worst was over, checking for any leaks and finding none, we went back to sleep.

Early the next morning we used the cellular AT&T wireless phone to call Boat/US and within 3 hours we were pulled off the island’s beach. After a thorough systems check we determined that everything was working perfectly and we were on our way. During the storm when we tried starting the engines to steady into the wind, the Volvo-Penta engines would start, but in trying to engage, would kick-out and off. Later, we found that the loose debris floating in the water was hitting the prop’s and causing the engines to shut down.
When we arrived in Elizabeth City, NC the next day and checked the engine intake filters, they were full of small wood bark. Thank goodness for the filters! We still continue to run cool.

We have arrived in Annapolis, MD and ………..who knows? We were introduced to Bill and Cathy Cresswell by Rob and plan to get together soon to compare notes on our EndeavouarCat’s.

Again, Alice, Bob, Rob, Mike, and Marsha Jo, thanks Endeavour Team for a JOB WELL DONE.

EndeavourCat Lover’s,
Charlie & Joni Molyneaux