Well, there's a reason for that.

For me this topic is about personal taste.  Before I saw the boat in person, I too had concerns about its looks.  However, in person the boat is nice looking!  In my opinion, EndeavourCats are well built boats being offered at a great price.

Brian Knesal

Outside it won't win any contest for beauty, but inside you'll win an Academy Award!

Tom Casey
Blue Water Sailing

At the boat shows, too many people walk right on by without a second glance, not realizing what they've just passed up.  If they would just step inside they would be amazed.  No one who comes aboard ever leaves unimpressed.  The beauty of an EndeavourCat is inside the boat and the way it performs out on the water.  I think they've put their emphasis right where it should be.  You may look good in Italian shoes, but you won't be that comfortable.  At Endeavour, form definitely follows function.

Capm Woody
TrawlerCat 44