In December of 2006, we ran from Apalachicola, FL to Steinhatchee, FL, a distance of 93.9 miles, the waves were from four to six feet.  I learned that once I got the boat up on the plane which was about 12 knots the waves were of no significance. Yes, there was a swaying action from side to side, this was in a beam sea, but it was nothing that we could not handle. As a matter of fact, there was a 50 foot Carver motor yacht that made the crossing behind us and he wanted to know if we were stabilized.  I told him no, but the smother ride was due to the wide expanse of the two hulls.  Our 44 Endeavour has a beam of 18' 8 and this makes a tremendous difference.

Bob Levine
Sandpiper, TrawlerCat 44