The engines are relatively easy to work on during routing maintenance.  You can lift the bed surface and quickly attach it to an anchor point in the ceiling.  Just one easy motion and the bed is out of the way and the engine is exposed for checking oil, coolants, etc.  You don't even have to make up the bed when you lower it back into place.  There is a panel in front of the engine that opens like a door or lifts off its hinges completely exposing the whole front of the engine for checking or replacing belts.  Lifting the bed up and removing the engine door takes less than 10 seconds.  If you need to get to the back of the engine, you do have to move the mattress out of the way and remove the back half of the bed surface to get back there, but once you've done that, access is phenomenal.

Endeavour has done a lot to make it easier.  Things like installing a remote oil filter on the port engine.  The starboard engine oil filter is just fine in its standard position on the starboard engine, but the port engine, being in the other hull (which is asymetrical) would be hard to get to in its original position. So they moved it to the side with the most working room.  This pertains to the 44 only since it's the only one with asymetrical hulls, but it's an example of the little things they do to make life easier for the owners.

Movin' On, TrawlerCat 44

Since Catalyst was delivered to us at the Annapolis Boat Show in October, we barely got to sail her before we had to begin the winterization process.  As veterans of boat maintenance wars on some new and not so new boats, we were conditioned to expect inaccessibility and non-user friendly maintenance.  However, three trips to your Clearwater plant taught us that quality was a priority at EndeavourCat. 

This became even more apparent as we explored Catalyst's nooks and crannies and saw first hand the experience and genuine craftsmanship that went into the design and construction of our EndeavourCat.  Fit and finish is excellent, even in the "out of sight" places.  Winterization was actually a non-event.  Everything we needed to winterize was easily accessible and clearly labeled. In addition, Mike Kiehl readily answered any questions we had. He even made us up a by-pass arrangement to simplify winterization of the hot water heater.

The Endeavour installed components on Catalyst are consistently of the highest quality and are among the best of breed according to Practical Sailor reports. The installations were all professionally done with identifying labels on electrical and plumbing items. We look forward to many years of sailing enjoyment and manageable (thank God!) maintenance.

Our congratulations and thanks to the EndeavourCat design and construction team for a "job well done"!

Bill & Cathy Cresswell
Catalyst, EndeavourCat 34 Sail

Maintenance issues- NONE. The equipment that Endeavor places on your boat from the big Racor primary filters, fuel polishing system, etc make it an absolute dream in so far as changing fuel and oil  filters. The one suggestion that I would make is to add shut off valves right at the fuel filter and at the return, rather than pinching off the hose to stop any seepage while changing these filters. It will eliminate most of the mess that could be created while doing the work. The reason for the return is that both of your engines are gravity fed rather than with a pump. Another plus in speaking about fuel is that the cockpit area is where you add your diesel fuel. The advantage is that it avoids getting water into the fuel, which is like inviting trouble as water and diesels do not mix very well. This was a great idea in the design.


Bob Levine
Sandpiper, TrawlerCat 44