In crossing the big water she handles like a dream. Being very familiar, as well as an owner of a 44 foot Endeavour, I found going across the Gulf of Mexico in June of 2005 an absolutely wonderful experience.  The boat presented a very smooth ride with seas from two to four feet in height. 

Also, in December of 2006, we ran from Apalachicola, FL to Steinhatchee, FL, a distance of 93.9 miles, the waves were from four to six feet.  I learned that once I got the boat up on the plane which was about 12 knots the waves were of no significance.  Yes, there was a swaying action from side to side, this was in a beam sea, but it was nothing that we could not handle. 

As a matter of fact, there was a 50 foot Carver motor yacht that made the crossing behind us and he wanted to know if we were stabilized. I told him no, but the smother ride was due to the wide expanse of the two hulls. Our 44 Endeavour has a beam of 18.8 and this makes a tremendous difference.

What type of wave action should you avoid? Well, that is a difficult question as we have been in Beam Seas, Following Seas, and Head Seas.  Both Ann and I, like to avoid any seas that are over six feet. 


Bob Levine
Sandpiper, TrawlerCat 44

We've taken six footers head on at 14 knots, and while it did pound a little, we never have felt anything but safe aboard our EndeavourCat.

Movin' On, TrawlerCat 44