Our normal cruising speed is about 10 mph based upon that we will normally burn less than three gallons per hour that of course is dependent upon wind, tidal changes, etc. If we do need to run faster that is not an issue with this boat she will do it.  With a 500 gallon fuel tank and leaving at least a 10% reserve you can see one of the basic reasons for purchasing the 44 Endeavour.

Bob Levine
Sandpiper, TrawlerCat 44

Fuel economy is so dependent on several factors that it's hard to pin down precisely.  We usually burn between 2 and 4 gallons an hour at 8 knots, depending on wind, current and sea conditions.  At 14 knots it's 10 to 12 and at 16 knots it's 14 to 17.

Movin' On, TrawlerCat 44