Uhuru - EndeavourCat 30 - Pacific Crossing

Andreas and Karin, aboard their 1992 EndeavourCat 30 have arrived in Australia. They arrived on schedule in mid October. With the sailing part of their journey complete, Uhuru was offered for sale and has been purchased by a lucky Aussie. Look for her cruising in Queensland.

These photos were taken in the Tuamotu Archipelago.
That's Uhuru just to the left of center in the photo below taken in Rangiroa.

Andreas, Karin and Uhuru

Some of the trip has been idylic.

Some of it.....not so much.

Photos from the trip

Upolu, Samoa

Uhuru at marina in Samoa


Bora Bora

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

San Blas, Panama





Marquesas - Fatu Hiva after 3,000 mile passage

Fatu Hiva anchorage



This was awesome! Found some crazy whales who first totally breached. When we went into the water they chased us instead of we chasing them. They were always close (could touch them if we wanted). The female was around 13-15m long and the male around 11 m. Huge!!  A day we never will forget.

Meanwhile...somewhere between Suwarrow and Samoa


Uhuru sitting on her keels in Panama


It is now several years later and they are at it again,
sailing the Pacific this time on a 38 foot catamaran. You can follow their continuing adventures on their own web site  www.7hav.se