In 2007, two Endeavour TrawlerCats participated in the Christmas Lighted Boat Parades at Treasure Island and St. Pete Beach. The factory's awesome 48 footer and the "Always Ready to Party" Catatonic.

48 lining up in the staging area just before the parade

Jon Ashdown makes last minute inspections before the parade gets underway

Meanwhile, aboard Catatonic the party had already begun.

Catatonic was the ride of choice of the "Official" City of St. Pete Beach Santa Clause

His destination was appropriately enough, the Merry Pier (real name) at Pass-a-Grille

It was a special night.  In addition to Santa, other dignitaries aboard Catatonic
included Jerry Garcia at the helm....

And Sponge Bob served double duty as flag waver and bar tender

Jim and Audrey Kaufman wish Santa well as he departs Catatonic at the Merry Pier,
where he will greet  a swarm of kids at this traditional Pass-a-Grille location.
Parade co-chairman Shaun Hurley makes sure Santa gets to his destination safely.
This local tradition of Santa Clause arriving at the Merry Pier by boat
was begun by local legend Silas Dent nearly 75 years ago.

Santa is now ashore, but several frisky reindeer remained aboard to liven up the parade

We were also honored to have aboard Frank Hurley and his family.

Audrey Kaufman making sure things don't get out-of-hand

And Rhees Kaufman, doing his best to make sure they do.....

Moses, the master mind behind it all.

Los tres Amigos